Dorian Michael

Photo by Sean Stromsoe.

Sat., Sept 20, 7:30pm
Annual acoustic guitar concert, round-robin style with 5 guitarists. I havn’t done this gig in a few years and as you can see from the blurb below I’d be looking forward to it.
The official verbiage is:
Fingerstyle guitarists and recording/touring artists Dorian Michael, Adam Levine, Tim Pacheco, and Jennifer Martin will present music in a variety of styles including folk, blues, jazz, and more! OUR SPECIAL GUEST IS NATIONAL RECORDING AND TOURING ARTIST FROM THE BAY AREA TEJA GERKEN! All profits benefit the Cuesta guitar program. $12

A bit of traveling in October. OK, KS, MO, MA. VT, NH, VA, AZ. If you are along the route stop in. The gigs are on the gigs page

The Irene Cathaway Rhythm and Blues Band has a brief compilation of tunes on the “bands” page. Take a listen to this great singer just to get acquainted.

The Cinders fine CD is available (download or hard copy) at BANDCAMP.

If you live in San Luis Obispo county and you are interested in guitar lessons send an email. I also do some Skype lessons, email me.

The video below is an easy stretching exercise that gets you increasing your   stretch without hurting yourself. Take a look. Take a stretch. Don’t hurt yourself.