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CDs available at Boo-Boo Records in San Luis Obispo, CA. 805 541 0657. They will be happy to ship ’em.

Books and DVDs available through the publisher Centerstream Publications.

Dorian Michael: Sycamore Creek. This is Dorian’s most recent solo CD. It features six originals, six covers, fluid playing and great recorded sound. $15


Dorian Michael: What You Get For Your Trouble. “This solo guitar recording shows much taste and skill with selections ranging from self-composed selections to blues (with some nice resophonic guitar work) and traditional. Michael has a nice touch, uses space effectively, and writes appealing melodies. This is a good companion recording to his work with Blackwell and illustrates another side to his music.” — DIRTY LINEN $15

Dorian Michael: The Way We Dance. “Fans of acoustic guitar music will want to pick up a copy of Dorian Michael’s ‘The Way We Dance,’ a collection of a dozen original compositions. Featuring mostly blues and folk, ‘The Way We Dance’ is a clear demonstration of Michael’s fingerstyle guitar skills. The instrumental tunes are richly arranged, and like many great solo guitarists, Michael makes it sound like there’s more than one guitar at work. My favorite track, ‘Cardinal Rule,’ is a slide guitar number that’s simply transporting. This is a must-have for acoustic music fans.” –San Luis Obispo New Times. $15

cd-neos The Blues Neapolitans are a trio (electric guitar, bass and drums) in which Dorian Michael sings. It’s raw, “live-in-the-studio” blues. It ain’t bad. Features Bill Severance (drums) and Paul Olguin (bass) along with Dorian Michael on guitar. $15
The Mystery Trees: Abandon and Finesse.  This is a cool electric guitar band I co-lead with Kenny Blackwell. The Trees describe themselves as a roots rock and roll band. They call their music “hillbilly blues power”. What do these phrases mean? It’s the music of America. It’s where black and white traditions collide and that is the definition of rock and roll. The Mystery Trees play a range of sounds that encompass the blues, country, rockabilly and Appalachian music in one big ball because all those styles are parts of the same spectrum of America’s most earthy musical culture. They become a unified genre with The Mystery Trees. $15

Kenny Blackwell and Dorian Michael: All Dressed Up. Here is an energetic live concert CD of Kenny Blackwell and Dorian Michael with percussion and bass and a great variety of acoustic music. From old-timey to blues to celtic to latin, there is really something for everyone played with on-the-money musicianship. $15

The Dorian Michael Blues Ensemble: Wheel of Fortunes.
For those who know Dorian’s music as only acoustic fingerstyle guitar, this will be a real change of pace. The Dorian Michael Blues Ensemble CD is a collection of electric instrumental blues music played by an 11-piece group of superlative musicians led by guitarist Dorian Michael. The orchestration, arrangements, the fabulous improvisational abilities of the individual musicians, and the energized cohesion of the rhythm section make this a cd that is unique among recent blues releases. There is a wide variety of rhythm, texture and mood that keeps this cd interesting, deeply musical and hip-shakin’ all at the same time.$15

Dorian Michael: Acoustic Blues (DVD).
“…infectious music” with “…a thrilling intensity to the performance …short of smelling the beer and the sweat it was just like being at the session.” –STEREOPHILE MAGAZINE Featuring Laurence Juber on three tracks and Albert Lee on half a dozen tunes. All acoustic and instrumental blues pieces with piano, bass and drums.$25. order from AIX Records

Beginning Fingerstyle Guitar (DVD).
On this DVD Dorian keeps it simple from the start. He’ll have you playing basic fingerstyle (constant bass) with the song “Baby Please Don’t Go” and then Travis (alternate bass) picking with the song “Freight Train.” Printable, downloadable sheet music included. 60 minutes. $20

Fingerstyle Guitar: Exploring Drop-D Tuning (DVD).
In this intermediate-level DVD, Dorian features the song “Great Dream from Heaven” as a vehicle to learning dropped D tuning. You’ll learn the D major scale as well as several variations and improvisations of this challenging song. Printable, downloadable sheet music is included. 60 minutes.$20

Blues Improvisation Beyond Pentatonic (DVD).
 For acoustic or electric players, this DVD reviews the pentatonic blues scale, then covers modal devices to use for improvisation. Topics covered include the 12-bar blues progression, Mixolydian mode, arpeggios, double stops, diminished scale, bending, Dorian mode, and playing in 3rd and 6ths. Printable, downloadable sheet music included. 60 minutes.$20

Arranging for Open Guitar Tunings (soft cover book + CD).
 Learn how to arrange in alternate tunings, choose an appropriate tuning for a song, develop an arrangement and solve problems that arise as you turn a melody into a guitar piece you can play and enjoy. Intermediate level. Songs include “Shenandoah”, “Banks of the Ohio”, “Bonaparte’s Retreat”, “Southwind”, “Spanish is a Loving Tongue”, etc. Six different tunings are explored in the course of the book. The book comes with a cd which includes all examples and songs.$20

Open Tunings for Solo Guitar (soft cover book + CD).
Dorian has also written a book on open tunings, appropriately entitled “Open Tunings for Solo Guitar: 14 Songs, 9 Tunings” published by CenterStream Publications and distributed by Hal Leonard. It comprises fingerstyle arrangements of traditional tunes of various genres such as “Fishing Blues”, two O’Carolan tunes, “Wade in the Water,” fiddle tunes such as “Wind That Shakes the Barley” and Stephen Foster’s “Hard Times.” It is in notes and tab, of course, with an accompanying CD demonstrating all the tunes. Acoustic Guitar Magazine said “you will find plenty of tasty open-sounding arpeggios and runs that provide a good introduction to the world of altered tuning.” $20