For those of you that are looking at this and saying “so and so said call this guy to play  my grandma’s birthday dinner and they said he’d be the right music but what are they talking about, i cant have this blues shouting going on during…”, don’t worry i don’t shout the blues at fancy restaurants or anyone’s gourmet dinner event. The blues video is for your brewpub, folk music, etc etc concert. Don’t let it scare you, I can play that pretty bossa nova tune your grandma loves, it’ll be fine. In meantime, here’s a variety of stuff.

a couple of videos made kind of offhand to demo a couple of Michael Baranik guitars. Sorry I forgot to take my hat off. But I played ok so I decided to put the videos up. Thanks to Chris Broemmelsiek for the videos.


“Check Out Her Mama.” Story up front, blues tune and more story after. I got things to say.