Photo by Carl Adams


Sat., Oct. 1
Santa Barbara Acoustic Instruments Celebration
Earl Warren Showground
I do a short concert at 2pm and a blues guitar workshop (intermediate fingerstyle blues) at 2:45pm. (see introductory video below) has all the info for this custom guitars show featuring 120 luthiers and a slew of guitar players.
And then at 5:30pm I get to do a duo guitar gig with the great Paul Asbell at SOHO, a fine club in Santa Barbara. You wanna come around for that. Lots of blues and jazz and whatever else we feel like playing.

Looking forward to the Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration,Here’s their website.

Here’s some video about the Dorian Michael Fingerstyle Blues Workshop for Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration Sept. 2016:

And along with the workshop during the day I will have the great pleasure of doing a gig  at Soho, a cool music club at 1221 State St in Santa Barbara, 5:30-7:30pm, sharing the bill with Paul Asbell. Paul plays everything and plays it real well. The photo below is from an impromptu jam we had in Memphis last year. It was enough fun that we decided to do a whole gig together. Lots of duets and some solos from each of us. Lots of blues and jazz and whatever else comes up. 


The video below is an easy stretching exercise that gets you increasing your   stretch without hurting yourself. Take a look. Take a stretch. Don’t hurt yourself.